Machines that absorb surface moisture in order to release it to the outside by means of a source of energy (natural gas), and humidity levels that reach up to 10% or less. These dehumidifiers are installed at industrial and residential levels.


Machines that increase the moisture level by methods such as dew, ultrasound, vaporization.

Air Conditioning Equipment

Centrals, Split, Windows.

Precision Air Conditioners

We install such equipment in data centers and shelters - communications media rooms.

Water Coolers (Chillers)

We install water coolers for plastic industries, hotels and special industrial processes.


Centrifugal, Axial, Cyclones

Filtration, Filters, Hoods, Laminar Flow Cabinets, Clean Rooms

We install them in rooms specialized production of medicines, electronics, laminated glass, in addition to operating rooms and other applications.

Diffusers and Grilles

Made to measure for projects of air conditioning and ventilation.

Parts & Components of Control and Automation

We distribute original parts from the best brands for air conditioning and refrigeration.

Cooling Towers

Imported for industrial applications.

Industrial Refrigeration

Manufacture of cold rooms for low, medium and high temperature.

Consulting in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Audit and commercial appraisals of mounts.